Ferra Asset Management (Pty) Ltd

Solutions / Development

There is a growing need for innovative quantitative development based on sound business knowledge and creative problem solving.

Many implementations today, rather than solve actual problems, serve to complicate them by adding an information technology overlay based on limited understanding and a naive view of real world complexities.

In this environment the emphasis seems to shift away from solving the actual problem and more towards enforcing adherence to hardly relevant technologies and processes. Rather than solve the problem creatively; past, popular or generally accepted technologies are employed as the "too big to fail" solution at hand.

This results in considerable waste and a damaging convergence of technology in a diverse world, where users are ultimately sacrificed due to a lack of appreciation of business complexities and due to a "one size fits all" convergence of technology which, in a demanding environment, is perceived to be less risky than actually solving the issues at hand.

Ferra specialises in practical solutions to real world problems.