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Solutions / Modelling - jcMod

jcMod, for Java clustered modelling, runs on top of jcMem and delivers an integrated modelling environment tailor made for central banks. It supports the following types of models.

jcMod integrates these models with powerful data and reporting functionality so that the same platform can be used from data capturing to the preparing of MPC reports for example.

A modelling team often has to use multiple applications to conduct its day to day operations, giving rise to multiple integration and integrity issues, but jcMod delivers all of these using a single platform.

jcMod also applies to areas that require an integrated reporting repository. If you operate in a regulatory environment and need integrated and automated reports, for example for FATCA compliance, jcMod may be for you.

If data issues, complex modelling, integrated and accurate strategic reporting and safe and secure collaboration are giving you sleepless nights, contact Ferra and see how jcMod can be used to streamline and integrate these processes.