Ferra Asset Management (Pty) Ltd

Privacy policy

This document contains Ferra Asset Management (Pty) Ltd's privacy policy.

Ferra does not collect or use any private information no matter what your age! This website is for information only and does not request you to reveal any private information. It does not use cookies at present, but may do so in future to improve the website. This policy will then reflect that.

Ferra's mobile applications are sold via Apple's app store. Support for these applications are provided via email. If you contact Ferra for support, it will reveal your email address to us. No additional private information is required or requested, but we may need some technical information regarding your configuration in order to provide the needed support.

Your email address is only used to communicate with you and is not used for any other purpose. Your email address is not shared with any outside parties but may be disclosed to law enforcement agencies in response to subpoenas or court orders or other legal requirements. You will be notified in the event if allowed by law.

Applications that are sold on a subscription basis require a valid subscription in order to receive support. All aspects of the subscription is handled by Apple (privacy policy here). Ferra may request you to provide proof of your subscription. This can be done in a way that does not reveal any personal information. The information you will have to submit is a simple transaction log that is cryptographically signed and the signature is then used to validate its authenticity. Neither the log nor the signature contain any private information. The transaction log is available for your perusal should you wish to ascertain that it does not contain private information.

When you send an email requesting support, the mail may end up on a server outside your country of residence. Different laws may apply to your email depending on the location of the server.