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Solutions / Cloud - jcMem

In the past a relational database was used by default for centralised storage, the increasing demands for performance, security and simplicity coupled with the general availability of commodity clusters makes innovative storage solutions such as jcMem a reality.

jcMem, for Java clustered memory, allows leveraging of the cloud for a super-fast, super secure and super simple storage solution.

No more cumbersome relational databases, platform dependencies and libraries upon libraries required to get data into or out of storage. No more performance bottlenecks and security concerns, just performance, security and simplicity.

jcMem pools resources from any number of Java virtual machines and makes it available as a type of virtual, concurrent and distributed file system. The file system supports compression, encryption and POSIX style access rights. It is easy to administer and delivers unstructured data in a hierarchical format, typically used to store POJOs in a demanding modelling environment.